How to choose office chair?

Ok, so you need new chair and don’t know what which one would be good for you? 

It is said that 70% of people work in sitting position, rarely leaving the desk to stretch or relax the muscles. After work we also spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer.

It means that we spend at least one third of the day sitting. It may cause serious back problem, spine pain or other diseases. Therefore it is very important to choose appropriate chair at work and at home.

Many people don’t know how to choose suitable and cheap office chair and what features it should have. That’s why they often focus on the price or technical specifications. But only few people know what effect this chair will have on their health. An appropriate chair can solve back problems and reduce back pain, but if the chair isn’t chosen properly, it can cause or exacerbate spinal pain. If you want to choose good product you should consider this list with best office chair under 200 which have ergonomic shape and most necessary features.

If you work eight hours a day and spend most of the time sitting  at the desk, choosing proper office chair has a great importance to your spine and health. Office chair should be not only comfortable, but also adjustable and properly chosen for your back. If you suffer from spinal diseases or back pain or if you are pregnant, you should choose an office chair even more carefully.

I’d bet you don’t want to work on that kind of chair, huh?

On the market we can find many different models of desk chairs which are designed to provide maximum comfort. Even when we sit, our muscles are still working. If our position while we are sitting is improper it can lead to problems with spine and muscles, problems with blood circulation and varicose veins. Therefore we should carefully choose an office chair with proper size and shape, properly adjusted to our body.

Before you buy an office chair, make sure that it will stand steady on the floor. Good chairs have generally five wheels. Some wheels work better on the carpet, others work better on the bare floor, others are universal. The seat should be deep enough for 3/4 your thighs length. The back of the chair should be properly adjusted to your back and shoulders. It should also have a right shape, matching your spine. The seat your be also wide enough to provide comfortable using.

On the end: the best way to choose the right office chair is to “try it on” in a shop and than buy in online in good price.