Burn calories faster (three weeks before beach)!

It’s almost middle of the summer so you probably want to look good on the beach.

To be fair – it’s impossible to gain muscles and get six-pack in let’s say three, four weeks but you definitely can do something good for your body before you will take your shirt off on the beach.

Of course it all depends on how you look now. If you have big belly and over 20% of body fat you can lose more weight faster (and healthier)!

Studies say that you should lose max 0,5-1% of your weight per week. What it means to you? If you have 100 kg (220 lbs) you can lose up to 1 kg (2,2 lbs) weekly. So in three weeks you can lose over 3 kg.

Actually you can lose even more! But it’s not recommended as that big weight loss could be not really heathy for your body.

Ok, so how to do that?

You need one thing. Deficit of calories. That’s it! No magic.

Probably you know your weight and you know how it was about month or two ago. If it’s still the same, that’s good. If numbers are higher than it was before you will need more exercises.

You can count your calories – it would be the best for you but you probably don’t want to count every grain of rice, right?

So if your weight is the same as month, two before just eat the same meals as you did plus create deficit of calories with exercises (how? I will talk about it later).

But if you in last time weight more and more you will need:

  • Eat a little bit less + exercises OR
  • Exercises + more exercises

In short, you need more calories out than in.

Now talk about it how to do that.

Actually you can do it as you want!

Go to this calculator and insert your weight and exercise you like. Then time of your exercise.

One hour of playing football? About 600 calories. 30 minutes of bicycling? About 300 calories. Pretty easy, right?

You need about 500 calories of deficit every day to lose 1 pound in one week. It’s not really hard. Actually you don’t even need to lose 1 pound per week. If you will exercise less you will lose less but hey, it’s still something good.

You can also create deficit by eating less. Thanks to that you don’t need to exercise too much. Choice is yours!

Good luck and see you on the beach 😉